Introduction to the Consumer Coalition 

The Consumer Coalition was formed in 1993 to focus attention on quality and consumer issues within the context of federal health care reform. Our founding members were concerned that as the debate surrounding national health care reform intensified, the issues of quality and consumer protection were being overshadowed by the issues of cost containment and the uninsured.

During that debate the Consumer Coalition emerged as a leading voice in these issues by testifying before key congressional committees, educating congressional staff and members, and drafting policy papers and legislative language.

Today, we are focused on a pro-consumer, pro-patient agenda to keep the focus on quality health care in the age of managed care. The Coalition's new partnership with front-line health care workers helps link consumers and workers together toward the goal of high quality health care and consumer protection. The Consumer Coalition works to ensure that the health care delivery system - at the state and federal levels and in the fields of quality assurance and measurement - responds to consumers' need for programs to protect their rights and assure quality care.

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