The Consumer Coalition's State 
Campaign Project 


The state campaign project was launched Spring of 1995 to educate and empower consumers in the states and to draw attention to the need for increased consumer protection and a greater emphasis on quality in an increasingly managed care world. The Consumer Coalition is available to provide organizing and technical support to the work of health care activists.

The Quality Connection:
The Consumer Coalition's Newsletter for Health Advocates

The Consumer Coalition will act as a activist network and resource clearinghouse to all state activists interested in managed care issues through our regular newsletter, The Quality Connection, and periodic mailings to key state activists. Our newsletter alerts activists to the campaigns in other states and lists resources available through the Coalition or other organizations. To be added to the mailing list, contact Angela Ledford, State Campaign Director,

Tell us what you know about what is going on in your state concerning issues of managed care/health care (legislation, coalitions or people we should contact, etc.) click here

The Quality Imperative: Model State Legislation for Managed Care

The Consumer Coalition has developed model state legislation that establishes a comprehensive, integrated and uniform approach to providing consumer protections and quality assurance in managed care plans. The legislation is general enough to allow state activists to tailor it to their states current law but specific enough to offer legislative language on a broad array of topics. The legislation has six sections that can be introduced as a package or as individual bills and may useful in agency rule-making procedures that are underway in many states.

Organizing in Target States

The Consumer Coalition will be choosing states to be the focus of its efforts to pass all or parts of the model legislation and empower consumers to demand a more accountable health care system.


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