The Quality Watchline:

If so, we want your personal story with poor quality care!

Workers and consumers from across the country are calling the Quality Watchline to fight back. These real life experiences, complaints and concerns are powerful tools in the campaign to keep the care in health care.

The Consumer Coalition is working to ensure quality health care in the age of managed care for all consumers, but we need to hear from you.

Together we can build a pro-consumer, pro-worker, pro-patient
health care system under managed care!

E-mail us your story.

or call 1-800-720-8090

Your name will not be used in connection with your story without your written permission. If you call 1-800-720-8090 and leave your story, we will send you a response form in order to receive permission. If you e-mail us your story, we ask for your permission on the form. Just click here.



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